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7 Details On the iPhone 7

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RIP, Headphone Jack.

After months of tech blog speculation, Internet rumors were finally confirmed yesterday at Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 plus launch event. The new iPhone is here, along with an intense design video and, yes—wireless AirPods. The hype is well deserved; this is the most drastic revamp that Apple’s released in a long time.  Here are the details.

A fancy, sleek finish

iPhone 7 comes in five colors, but Apple is really pushing Jet Black. It’s shiny. It’s smooth. It’s like staring into a deep abyss. To be honest, I’d be a bit afraid to stare at it for too long. Jet Black means business.

A new headphone situation

The long-speculated lack of a headphone jack (RIP, friend) has raised a lot of questions regarding the iPhone’s standard EarPods. Luckily, the new device will come with lightning-connector EarPods and an adapter, so your old headphones won’t be rendered obsolete. Apple has also released its wireless AirPods, which are available for a mere $159!

Water resistant – but not waterproof

iPhone has finally caught up to other smartphones with its IP67 water-resistance – but that doesn’t mean you can take it in the pool. Thankfully, the phone shouldn’t be as sensitive to accidental drops in the sink/toilet/puddles. Clumsy iPhone users rejoice!

Longer battery life.


A sweet camera system

As predicted, the 7 has a better camera, with optical image stabilization and more powerful flash for low lighting. The 7 Plus includes a dual camera system: a standard iPhone 7 lens combined with a telephoto camera might make it one of the best mobile cams out there.

Improved speakers

With room for a new stereo speaker system, the headphone jack’s death might be justified (MIGHT). Apple boasts that iPhone 7 is twice as loud as the 6s – so be sure to silence it during class/funerals/meetings.

A solid state home button

Again, as rumored, the new device’s home button uses haptic feedback rather than moving parts. This means it’s not really a “button” at all, more of a pressure-sensitive area. At this, users are freaked out that the pressure-sensitive button uses haptic feedback to vibrate when you push it, rather than the reassuring click. Can’t please everybody, I guess.

It’s an exciting time to be an iPhone user. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are ready for pre-order September 9th, and available the 16th, starting at $649 for the 32 GB 7. Yes, I’m accepting donations.

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