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Control Your Audio with “Volume Mixer” for Mac

Murilo Gobbo 0

You’ve probably had to quickly lower the volume of your Mac because iTunes or even YouTube was too loud without you realizing it. But what if other apps weren’t too loud – what if you couldn’t even hear them, even with the volume up? You could even miss an important notification because of something like that.

With “Volume Mixer” you can separately change the volume of certain applications without changing the master volume of your Mac.

Volume Mixer

This tool runs in the menu bar of OS X and shows you all the apps that are currently running, with separate volume controls for each of them. With a simple double-click, you can make mute one or more of them.


The application is very customizable, letting you choose the settings that work best for you, including keyboard shortcuts.

The bad news is that it is not free. Volume Mixer costs $8.99 (current version) and $13.99 (full time copy). You can use it on 5 different computers with the same account. Click here to buy or here to download the trial version.

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