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How Can Apple Bring Back the iRevolution?

Kelly Duggan 0

Since its release back in 2007, the iPhone has been The Next Big Thing. For good reason, too—iPhones revolutionized communication technology. The product has left a lasting impression on our society, and it’s remained a relevant product for over nine years. However, it seems that Apple hasn’t been able to beat its own big innovation. Sure, there have been other impressive products, and each generation of iPhones come with exciting new features. But what can Apple do to produce the Next Next Big Thing? These concepts are something to consider:

Holographic Screens


The concept of holograms has been around for a while, but smartphone technology could finally make them practical (and feasible). Imagine taking FaceTime to a whole new level, or being able to project your screen with ease. The iPhone’s next big thing could be to bring your home screen into the third dimension. This ages old idea might just be in Apple’s future.

Modular Design


iPhones are fragile. A shattered screen usually means a trip to the Apple Store and shelling out $130 (if you don’t have AppleCare and prefer to live life on the edge, as I do). Of course, the company’s stellar customer service is a revolution in itself, but what if iPhone users could go the DIY route? Easily manipulated parts, like a removable screen, could make for simple repairs and a more customizable device.



Is WiFi a privilege, or a basic human right? Our Internet needs are no longer confined to modem right next to the computer. In a world where people are constantly Googling, Instagramming and Snapchatting, is it cruel to let data charges exist? Apple could potentially save—or destroy—the world by making free, quality WiFi available everywhere. Or, at least, where people will use it.

Making Wallets Obsolete


My parents are constantly baffled by how “nobody carries around cash anymore!” It’s true—credit cards are way easier to carry around than wads of bills (especially when all your jeans are ill-equipped with teeny Girl Pockets). Apple Pay and Apple Wallet eliminate the need for any tangible currency already. If smartphone-based payments were accepted everywhere, even at cute old-school diners, nobody would need to worry about losing a wallet or taking too much time to count out cash at the register.

These are just a few progressive concepts that could come into play in the future. But whether or not Apple does come out with the Next Big Thing, we can agree that the company has left its mark.

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