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5 Mac keyboard shortcuts you should be using

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If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for the shortest and most efficient way to do things. So, when it comes to using my MacBook, I find it helpful to know some simple, yet effective, keyboard shortcuts that make navigating your laptop and managing all of your tabs that much easier.

Background Tab

Command ⌘ + click

Are you ever reading an article online and you keep coming across links that look interesting, but you want to stick to the content you’re already reading? Just hold the command key and click on the link. It’s going to open that link up in a new tab that gets put into the background for later viewing. So, now you can put your focus on the main article and save the others for later.


Command ⌘ + Option ⌥ + esc

What happens if an app locks up on you and you can’t close it? Well, if you press command-option-escape, a screen will show up and give you all the applications that are currently running. You can simply select one and force-quit anything that’s hanging on and then get back to business.

Quick Search for an Item

Command ⌘ + space

If you’re ever editing photos or writing an email and need to find a particular file, there’s a fast and simple way to locate what you’re looking for without minimizing out. By holding down the command key and hitting the space bar, the Spotlight search is going to pop up on your screen. Just type in exactly what you’re looking for and drag it into the application of your choice. Press command-space again to get rid of the search box.

Swap Applications

Command ⌘ + tab

Sometimes you have windows all over the place and you can’t find the application you actually need. Try command-tab! It’s going to pop up a little box on your screen filled with all the applications that are currently running. All you need to do is keep holding down command and press tab to cycle through them, until you highlight the app that you’re looking for. You’ll jump right to it without having to deal with all that screen clutter!

Store Files in a New Folder

Command ⌘ + Control ⌃ + N

If you’re looking to clean up your desktop or sort some files without deleting them, just select all of the files you want by clicking on the trackpad and dragging the cursor over them. Then press command-control-N! A new folder will automatically be created and all the selected files will be moved directly into it. Pretty nifty!

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