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MacBook Pro 2016 to Come in Matte Black

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The 2016 MacBook Pro is rumored to follow MacBook’s and iPhone’s lead in offering a dark, sleek variation – the 2016 Matte Black MacBook Pro (and Jet Black?). This step fulfills an expectation for a design that is sleeker and less obtrusive. Coloration has always been key to the Apple design – and this coloration adds consistency across products. And it will be beautiful, take a look:

2016 MacBook Pro MatteBlack MacAuthority2matte black 2016 mac book promatte black 2016 mac book proJet Black 2016 MacBook Pro no headphone jack


A History of the Black Laptops
Remember the old black MacBooks? Those were the days… back when everyone knew that black was better. A simple color provided a way to distinguish yourself from your monochromatic aluminum Mac-using friends. That deep ebony gleam of your sleek machine only emphasized the brilliance of the starkly contrasted pulsating white Apple logo.macbook_blk_g1

Apple obviously saw things a little differently, discontinuing its black MacBook in 2008. If you wanted to relive the glory days, you had to pay to have your aluminum MacBook re-colored. Because where there is a will, there is a waymacbookpro15uni_02


What to expect in 2016
We all know that Apple will be releasing the upgraded 2016 MacBook Pro series later this fall. The new design will include an OLED touchpad for added keyboard functionality, no headphone jack, and 4G connectivity. Of course, its always possible all these new features are just the product of rumors.

If there’s one thing that defines the range of Apple products, it’s consistency. Whenever a product line comes out with a new feature that’s different from all its predecessors, other product lines follow suite. Think of the new charging port introduced with the iPhone 5: new iPads also began using the new charging port. Apple’s goal is a seamless experience across consistent product lines.

And for Apple, consistency has an aesthetic aspect – its products mirror each other’s designs. I for one, am very excited.

  1. Shay Charging crow Shay Charging crow

    wow, ima still broke so I can’t afford but still interesting

  2. Mike Mike

    Looks awesome ! Cant wait to be even more broke

  3. Harry Harry

    Interesting, if only I could get one, but I assume they will sell out like that of the iPhone 7 in matte black!

  4. Alec Esposito Alec Esposito

    matte on a mackbook looks so tough 😈

  5. IndianPrince IndianPrince

    very cool. im down.

  6. Jim Jim

    Wonderful coverage.

    Much appreciated

    I have the iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black so fingers crossed for the new MacBook Pro

    • Dmitriy Startsev Dmitriy Startsev

      fingerprints crossed

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