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Why is My Mac’s Battery Failing?

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Your MacBook battery won’t last forever. You’ll notice it’s starting to die when it doesn’t last as long as it used to, or if your computer shuts down even though it says it still has some juice left in the tank. Know that eventually – and sadly – your battery too will die.

For more information on how to replace your battery, click here.

But why is my battery failing?

Every battery has a certain amount of charge cycles over the course of its lifespand. One charge cycle is when a consumes its entire charge capacity. Macbook batteries usually have lifetimes between 300 cycles and 1000 cycles.

The good news is that you can delay the inevitable failure by avoiding the following:

Wearing the battery out

If you constantly use your Mac at maximum brightness, Bluetooth turned on, and many different applications running in the background, the battery will lose its charge faster. As a result, your computer will run out of charge cycles sooner.

Storing your Mac fully charged

According to Apple, storing your Mac fully charged might make your battery lose some of its capacity. Just charge it to 50% and leave it be if you’re not planning on using it for a while.

Constantly draining the battery into low percentages

Fully decreasing the battery is also not a good thing. Regularly draining it into low percentages can damage your battery.

Make your MacBook’s battery life last longer by avoiding these bad habits.

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