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Microsoft Visual Studio now available on Mac

Murilo Gobbo 0
Visual Studio for the Apple Age

It’s probably fair to say that, at this point, Microsoft has really turned itself around for the consumer market. The company’s consumer products are more user-friendly, more open, more creative, and more accessible than ever before – and if you want proof, just look at Visual Studio, which now will be available for Macs for the first time.

visual studio for mac

The move was announced on Microsoft’s official blog – perhaps a little earlier than planned, since the post was later removed. See the cached version here. But the fact of the matter is that one of the most popular development tools in the world has found its way into the Apple world. Now, developers who want to use Visual Studio on a Mac will no longer have to resort to cumbersome alternatives such as Bootcamp, Parallels or VMware Fusion.

The intent, though, is not for users to write entire applications for Windows on a Mac – after all, you’d still need a virtual machine to run those apps. Instead, this version is meant for quick edits or basic software creation for other platforms like iOS, Android or even OS X itself.

And even though it brings with it a lot of the great features of the original, Microsoft-only version, Visual Studio for Mac will still have some limitations, such as the lack of support for some specific project types. But the biggest advantage of the using the new program is the ability to share projects between Macs and Windows computers instantly, without the need for conversion.

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