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Nintendo Switch may have VR capabilities

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perhaps you can "be" these nintendo characters soon

Do you find yourself wishing you could actually traverse the fictional fields of Hyrule? Ever wanted to engage in more realistic sword-to-bone combat with the creepy skeleton monsters of the Zelda world? Nintendo’s next console may bring you closer to your dreams of embodying Link and many other classic characters.

According to the Verge, a recent patent for the Nintendo Switch shows how the console might work with a head-mounted display like that of Google’s DayDream. The rumor has yet to be confirmed, but VR integration could add a cool element to Nintendo’s already inventive console.

The Switch is Nintedo’s response to a new era of mobile gaming. A preview trailer from October depicts a tablet that slides into a larger console for at-home TV gaming, and slides out for on-the-go adventures. A standard controller can split into two for a range of motion reminiscent of the Wii Nunchuck. The tablet can also slide into other Switch consoles, so you can take your progress with you wherever you go.

The ultra-portable design makes sense for possible VR integration: a tablet that could slide into a mobile headset, plus a controller that splits into two for gesture-based controls, plus a more interactive Zelda release would make for an incredible VR experience.

So far, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the only game that’s been officially confirmed for the Switch. However, the preview trailer also shows Mario Kart 8, Skryim, and NBA 2k17, according to Pocket-lint. If Switch does end up embracing VR, perhaps we can expect to see another Pokemon comeback (not that it ever left) and modern updates of other classics like Animal Crossing.

No comment has been made by Nintendo on whether Switch is actually VR-ready. We’ll find out in March, when it’s set to be in stores. Either way, the console looks awesome. Will Nintendo ever go out of style? Probably not.

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