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Organize Your Open Windows on Mac with “SizeUp”

Murilo Gobbo 0

Organizing open windows on OS X can be a very tedious process. You could spend minutes dragging and pulling windows and will still have an unorganized screen. If you like to have an organized environment so you can work, like I do, you’ll love SizeUp!

Working with SizeUp

The application runs in the OS X menu bar and only requires accessibility permission to work. You can use convenient keyboard shortcuts to resize and reposition windows at will, throwing them into the corners and maximizing or centering them, for example.


SizeUp preferences offer many different options, allowing the user to even reserve space at the edges of their screen by setting up the margins, which is very useful for accessing desktop icons.

You can purchase SizeUp for $12.99 or download an unlimited free trial by clicking here.

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