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Send Encrypted Files with “Encrypto”

Murilo Gobbo 0

Data encryption is the key for digital security nowadays. Encrypting files is the only way to make sure nobody is going to steal any of your sensitive information you don’t want floating around the internet.

Did you know that even your Macbook allows you to encrypt all of the data in your HD? With File Vault, you can encrypt your entire Macintosh HD and prevent unauthorized access to the information on your startup disk. But what if you want to encrypt files one by one or share them online?

Encrypto does the Magic

Believing that data protection tools should be widely available, MacPaw made Encrypto. an application that encrypts files with AES-256 encryption.


The best part is that the application allows you to securely share encrypted files via email, Dropbox, file sharing services or even a USB stick. With this application, you’ll make sure that only the right person can access your data.

Encrypto is available for free for both Mac and Windows here.

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