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You’ve Already Lost These Next-Gen iPhone Headphones

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It’s been confirmed that Apple’s next generation of iPhones won’t include a traditional headphone jack. Speculation immediately followed regarding the future of the EarPods we know and love. Apple’s new headphones will probably connect to the iPhone’s lightning port, either through an adapter or the release of new EarPods. There are also rumors of “AirPods”, wireless earbuds that will connect to your phone via Blutooth.

(This conceptual design by Miroslav Majdak has gone viral)

The idea of a headphone jack-less iPhone comes with a bit of controversy: so many obsolete headphones will be trashed that your local landfill may consider a Spotify membership. Additionally, it’s a lot easier to have a single pair for your phone and laptop, instead of switching around to accommodate your MacBook’s 3.5 mm jack. The concept of AirPods also raises some unique problems. You think EarPods are easy to lose now—imagine trying to find these mini-marshmallow-esque devices in a rush. Plus, without those telltale “please don’t speak to me” wires, how many people will attempt conversation on the train when you’re just trying to jam to Radiohead?

Of course, there are benefits to going cordless. Nowadays, headphones have a tendency to emerge from purses, pockets and backpacks in complicated knots. Jogging with a wired connection feels a little bit like being passive-aggressively smacked in the face.

It’s still uncertain whether the iPhone 7 will bundle with AirPods, lightning-cable headphones, or an adapter. Users seem to agree that a new standard of lightning-cable EarPods will be the best choice.

  1. John John

    These will be so useful. My headphones always tangle :/

    • Starr Starr

      I rellay needed to find this info, thank God!

  2. Loren Loren

    I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

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